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Eudora Welty, north american author of short stories and novels
  1. Appeared on GitLab


  2. Appeared on Steemit


  3. Moved to Zurich, Switzerland

  4. Reached 5k

    Vinicunca (5020 m), Andes, Peru

  5. Appeared on Keybase

    1609 F87E C5C1 E965

  6. My First OpenBSD within a Cloud

    OpenBSD 6.0 at Vultr

  7. My First Tor Relay

    Tor on FreeBSD

  8. My First Mac turns 10 years

    with OpenBSD 5.9 onboard

  9. Linux RedHat 6 Certification

    Red Hat Certified System Administrator

  10. Moved to Montseny, Spain

  11. Joined Netcentric

    as System Engineer

  12. Moved to Barcelona, Spain

  13. Joined Sabre Travel Network

    as System Administration Contributor

  14. Appeared on GitHub

  15. My First Real Climbing

    Prawe Żebro Granata, Tatry, Poland

  16. Appeared on Facebook

  17. US Bird Banding Licence

    Everglades National Park, USA

  18. Joined Onet

    as UNIX System Administrator

  19. My First Mac

    PowerBook G4 with MacOSX 10.4

  20. My First Helicopter Flight

    Everglades National Park, USA

  21. Moved to Kraków, Poland

  22. My First Unix

    FreeBSD 5.0

  23. Joined Seti@Home

    as volounteer

  24. Graduated in Biology

    Uniwersytet Łódzki, Poland

  25. Polish Bird Ringing Licence

    Stacja Ornitologiczna PAN, Poland

  26. My First Linux

    RedHat 5.1 Manhattan

  27. Moved to Łódź, Poland

  28. Hello World!

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